My how time flies. . .

It has been two years and five weeks since I last posted. I could say I was busy, but mostly I was just busy posting on Facebook instead.

I was catching up with a couple of my friends here on LJ, and they were talking about me, so I figured it was time I talked about myself. We will see how long this lasts.

For those who have not heard, I was incapacitated for nearly two months as the result of a leg infection, a/k/a fasciitis. I entered the hospital May 5, stayed there two weeks, then got transferred to a "managed care facility" for another five weeks..I was released June 21. During that time, I was on antibiotic IV's 24/7 for two weeks and daily IV's for another week. I had to have physical therapy to build up my strength, and I was on dialysis until the week after my release.

Those are the headlines. Anyone who has any additional questions, please feel free to ask.

One week before I was released, I got a Facebook text from my wife. We had just had our 37th anniversary one month earlier. She told me that, once I was released, she wanted me to move my things into the spare bedroom a/k/a my music room. I won't go into a lot of details - it caught me off guard, but it was not totally unexpected. There have been problem for many years. A lot of the cliches are true - we grew apart. We changed over the years, and as a result had less and less that drew us together.

So we are separated. And I feel like a single man. But since neither of us can afford for me to move out, so I live out of my room, and we are just three cozy roommates.

Oh, did I forget to mention the roommate?

My wife was in the hospital for a similar malady (no connection with my situation) in March. At that time, she informed me that she had asked an online friend of hers to move in, so he could take care of her when I was gone. He moved in, and it was over two weeks before my wife came home. A couple of weeks later, I went in the hospital, so on one level, it was good that he was there. But now we have three roommates in a three bedroom house.

When my wife told me she wanted to separate, at some point she said to me, "Having you gone all this time has made me realize I can take care of myself.

"With some help."

So here is my take on all this. I had to major factors keeping me where I was - guilt and fear. Guilt over the idea that, if I were to leave, she would not be able to tak care of herself. Fear of an unknown future on my own. But with the roommate here, I don't have to worry about her taking care of herself. And as for the fear, I feel better prepared to be on my own than I ever have been.

So I am in a good place right now. I have some bad days, or a few bad hours, but I don't let it get me down for long. I am surrounded by friends and people that support me. If I stumble or fall, there will always be someone there to catch me or pick me up.

I'm gonna be OK.

My faire/festival/music season begins

Wow, I knew it had been a while since I posted, but did realize it was last December.

Every year I start the faire season intending to write a little something about each weekend. I want to share my experiences with my friends, and I want chronicle my impressions while they are still fresh. Well, it's the start of a new faire season, so I am gonna try it again. This year I have a job where I can do things like this in my down time, so I may have more opportunity to write. (It hasn't helped you so far.) (Shut up, I was hoping they wouldn't notice.)

[EDIT: OK, I started this thing over two weeks ago, then life and the real faire season got in the way. I still intend to do this, but it may be little more than snapshots - more than a Facebook post, but less than the journal entry I have intended.]

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I do so few rendezvous that I forget how much fun they are, and how great  the people are to me.

(Oh, and for anyone who cares, I went in Scottish garb this time instead of my usual rendezvous garb of top hat and vest.)

Hey you. What HAVE you been up to??

Okay, so I know I have not been over here much. Same excuse as last time - so much easier to write a short update on Facebook, and I feel like I should go into more detail if I'm posting something here. So I figured I would do a year-end retrospective, get all my LJ friends who are not on FB up to speed. Unfortunately, I have found myself a little. . . distracted.

So a couple of my LJ friends have been doing this Ten Day Meme, where each day for ten days (duh!) the poster generates a list of facts, statements, people, etc. For Day One, the list is "Ten things you want to say to ten different people right now," but the twist is that you do not say who each statement is addressed to. I guess the idea is that is generates fun speculation (Is he/she talking about ME?!?) Now the title of this post came from someone's list, and I have no reason think the statement/question was directed at me specifically. And that's the problem.

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All of this out of a silly little meme.

I don't give too much credence to resolutions, but I do have two goals for myself in the coming year. To be more consistent. And to be less afraid.


3PG Hawaiian


Home from KC, by way of St. Louis. High gusting winds the whole way, periodic whiteout conditions in IL, and it took over 10 hours to get home, but got in safely. Posted on FB, but forgot my LJ friends - sorry.


Got home safely from the St. Louis Pirate Festival at 1:40am. More later (gotta get up for work in 4 1/2 hours).

For my friends

This is reposted - I got it from rowangolightly , who got it from bountifulpots :

I seem to be seeing a lot of people around, myself included, who are feeling very negative today, about themselves, mainly, but also about life in general. This blows. Let's knock this off! I say, let's all go out on a brain weasel stomping mission. Go find someone and give them a compliment. Tell them you love them. Send them an e-card or an internet picture. Tell them a joke. Whatever, just let people you love know you're thinking of them. What does it hurt to say something to make people feel better?

Go! I send you out on your mission!

Let me add one request. I am not sending this out as a way of fishing for sympathy. I want you to reach out to someone who is not expecting it. I want my friends (or the friends of my friends) to be surprised by joy. They deserve it.

Jeff Barbra / Sarah Pirkle

I'm taking a moment to pray for my friends,
A handful of people on whom I depend.
Our pathways are different, but I love them no less;
I’m hoping their sorrows will mend –
Tonight I pray for my friends.

When I don't know the answers and search for the truth,
And hope that my judgment will carry me through,
I'm so grateful for the people I have in my life –
They help me to do what is right,
They help me to do what is right.

There are people I've loved that I've lost along the way –
We’ve drifted apart or they've been called away.
I hold them so close in my heart here tonight –
They're dear to my heart for all time,
They're dear to my heart for all time.

September 10, 2010

. . . is my first day of training, which should last 4 to 6 weeks. After that, I will have a 4-6 month contract to work for Hewitt, with the possibility of being hired for a permanent position.

Bristol Renaissance Faire, weekend two

OK, no pressure.

Here I thought I was just putting together a few comments about the faire for a few friends and myself. But then the following Monday I got an Email from heathercyrin letting me know that the Renaissance Magazine Facebook page had linked to my post:


So of course I had to go back and reread the post – did I write anything embarrassing? Did I whine? Did I dis anyone?

(Deep cleansing breath. No fear.)

I knew weekend 2 was gonna be a little different. I don’t generally make a point of telling people my birthday. Truthfully, I like people making a fuss, but I don’t want to sound like I am asking people to make a fuss. Make sense? Well, that’s the mind of a performer for you. But this year I had Facebook to make the fuss for me.

The unfortunate thing is that weather is a huge factor at Bristol. I mean, think about it – a Renaissance faire being held during the two hottest months of the year? On the other hand, most of us are used to Midwest weather – if we weren’t at the faire in the middle of the summer, we would be at Summerfest or Taste of Chicago or Milwaukee Irish Fest or the Air & Water Show or any one or more of the dozens of outdoor events being held in the air. If it’s something we love enough, or want to do badly enough, we suck it up.

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As referenced in my previous posts, good friend and fan Daniel Bank gave me a couple of discs worth of videos. The one disc had material from the first house concert I ever did with 3 Pints Gone, but the other had a variety of material, including the video of "The Parting Glass" from last year's closing day and performances from opening weekend. I have to make time to look at the videos more closely to see if I want to post any more of them online. In the menatime, Danny continues to video-record stuff at faire, and I hope he shares with us.

Third weekend will be the last weekend for a number of the musical acts, with a whole batch of new performers coming in for week four. Weather should be beautiful Sunday – we’re not talking about Saturday. This season has its challenges, but what season does not? It is shaping up to be a good year.
3PG Hawaiian

Showing off

Thanks to good friend Daniel Bank, I have some video of 3 Pints Gone and myself, recorded over the past 15 months. I took one of my favorite videos and posted it on YouTube. I wanted a chance to show off our harmonies.